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 Ahhh omnomnom morning. I'm not usually up this early but I got up to take my naproxen and calcium and... couldn't get back to sleep.

I get to go out in horrible, drizzley rain to pick up Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne from work. Nocturne is one of three SMT games I've been on the lookout for (the other two being part of a series, Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2. ) and between my discount and some trade ins (goodbye Hitman 2, I can't get past Russia lolol) I'm hoping to not pay too much.

Still, hitting up the bank before I go.

And then all the devils. Mwahaha.

Another thing is I'm jobhunting! Oh, I still have the seasonal job at the game store, but there weren't many hours that they gave out and I expect much less and getting let go in January. Oddly, my bosses have been encouraging me to hop on the register. Good sign? I take it like they're trying to see who handles the system well and thus who they may retain (since I know they're losing at least two employees in the near future).

Anyway off to do some tags and then get the ball rolling for a rainwalking.
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